Who are Heather & Bale?

Heather & Bale are a private family owned company working in the heart of Northumberland.  We work directly with local independent artisan producers to design and create our range of Luxury Hampers and Gifts.  It’s important to us that we develop and maintain good strong relationships with our community of producers and that we as the curators of these products, are offering our customers the most delicious, unique hampers with that added feel of exclusivity.  Our products are uniquely sourced and not widely distributed around the UK, so our Luxury Hampers really do feel special.

Visual presentation is so important to us.  The priority of course is sourcing the highest quality products, but we know that we are creating a “wow” moment when our hampers are opened and experienced for the first time by the lucky recipient.  We work hard on this part of the service because we recognise that our business is more than just putting random products together.  We research flavours, food and wine pairing and we design based on how these products will be experienced and enjoyed collectively.

Recognising that our Luxury Hampers are intended gifts and so the experience for our customers matters as much as the gift itself.

Our Journey

Our Journey begins in 2016 in the heart of Northumberland as a small family business.  Since then we have grown from a modest cottage enterprise, to a uniquely different Luxury Hamper & Gift provider with a great deal of passion for what we do and who we work with.

Luxury Gift Hampers

When we started our company, we knew we wanted to create luxury Gift Hampers combining delicious and interesting products, and our aim was to see what was available in Northumberland.  We wanted to explore how we could incorporate local products into our range.  Little did we realise what we were about to find.  Honestly believing we would find only a small number of local producers.  Whilst the search was not quick or easy, we began to realise we had the most amazing artisan food and drink producers on our doorstep creating the highest quality products. It was then that we knew that we could do a lot more than feature a small number of local products. We knew we could create a range of luxury Hampers that were uniquely different.  Northumbrian Hampers featuring the highest quality artisan products handmade by local independent producers.

and so, our journey began

Meet the Heather & Bale team

How it all started, what we do at Heather and Bale and what we love about beautiful Northumberland.

Laura BW

Laura Millar

Head of Marketing


Laura until 2019 has spent her career in the IT industry, in service management. She has grown through various account management roles in both hardware and software support.  In 2019 after over ten years working in IT Laura knew she was ready for a new challenge. She had been following the Heather and Bale journey privately and because she has a strong history with the founding family through her previous career, she knew this was her next challenge.

Laura joined Heather and Bale in Dec 2019 just in time for the busiest time of the year.  Thrown in at the deep end, she wasn’t deterred and is looking forward to a bright future with us.

Outside of work Laura loves to spend time with her husband, her two gorgeous Beagles (who she loves a lot!) and family and friends.  

Laura’s favourite place to visit in Northumberland is Low Newton.  

“A walk along the beach with a glass of wine at the ship inn…. what’s not to love”

Carolyn BW

Carolyn Wilson



Carolyn is one of the founding members, and Director at Heather and Bale. With a proven track record of high-quality client management and service development, she has spent over 20 years in the IT industry working as a third-party support for contracts such as John Lewis, Waitrose and some retail banks.  

She started at entry level and worked her way to achieving a director role.  As the service director at the time it was a huge decision to take a different direction and start a company in a whole new sector.  However, she knew she was ready for the next adventure and she wanted to take a chance on an opportunity that would allow her to be more creative in her work.  

Designing and creating our Luxury Hamper range is Carolyn’s favourite thing to do. She loves everything from sourcing those amazing artisan products, to making, and photographing the finished Heather and Bale Hamper.  

Outside of work Carolyn loves spending time with her husband and their two wonderful children.  She loves movie nights with the kids and catching up with close friends and family.  She appreciates good food and good company…. the simple things in life!

Carolyn’s favourite place to visit in Northumberland would be a toss up between Ingram Valley and Alnmouth beach.  

“My son loves getting to the top of the hills in Ingram Valley and my daughter loves running into the sea at Alnmouth Beach so it’s a tough choice.  Both these trips end with ice cream… every time!”

Susan BW

Susan Smith



15 years of practical experience in financial management and an AAT professional diploma, Susan brings the numbers.  As an AAT member Susan has helped many SME’s and manager-owned businesses and was all set to continue her path of financial management.    

Then she found herself at cross-roads and this made her think about how she wanted to spend the next 15 years.  She decided that the opportunity to bring her skill and experience and couple that with new more creative challenges offered a more interesting and exciting future for her personally.  Passionately believing in what we were trying to create, she took a leap and threw herself into helping build a whole new venture.  

Outside of work Susan loves getting out and enjoying Northumberland at every opportunity.  She has an energetic little boy and two cocker spaniels who give her plenty of reasons to get out for those long walks.  She also enjoys her horses which she has been dedicated to since the young age of nine.

Susan struggles to pick just one favourite place in Northumberland, she enjoys Amble harbour, Alnmouth beach and most of our beautiful coastline.  

“I love just getting out for walks along the coast with my son and my dogs.  It’s so beautiful and always reminds me what an amazing place I call home.  The fish and chips never hurt either”

Our Mission

Our mission is very simple, we want to provide our customers with beautifully designed, visually impressive luxury gifts.  Working with our local independent artisan producers to make sure the content is as impressive as the aesthetics.  Quality is everything at Heather and Bale and we will ensure that our customers experience the highest quality products which represent the creativity and passion of Northumberland.

We want to build our company on a reputation of strong customer relationships, valued producers and supported employees.  Not least for creating a range of premium luxury products and services.


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