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Why is corporate gifting so important? To thank employees and clients for their loyalty and support?  To recognise relationships and professional milestones?  Of course, but it’s so much more than that. It’s an opportunity to cement connections between your company and the recipient of your gift.  Capturing the sentiment of your most crucial relationships and re-enforcing your brand values. So, be it through employee appreciation gifts or client thank you gifts, it’s so important to make sure your corporate gifting is both thoughtful and memorable.

Here at Heather and Bale, our creative design team work seamlessly with our clients to custom curate high quality corporate gifts. From the deliciously indulgent to functional luxury, we work with our clients to not only understand the purpose and tone of the gift, but also the message it is meant to convey.  Ensuring that your recipients feel recognised, valued and appreciated.

Here are our most popular reasons for corporate gifting,

Client appreciation gifts:

We know that client appreciation is more than just “sending a gift”. It is a chance to connect with your clients, reinforce your loyalty, and show your appreciation.

When client appreciation is done right, it perfectly conveys the sentiment of your business toward your customers. The experience you provide your customers through your corporate gifting helps ensure that they have a positive and emotional connection to your brand.

Employee appreciation gifts:

We all understand that employees are the heart of a business, and the right team can make all the difference to your brand.  As the best ambassadors for your business, you no doubt want to ensure that they understand how valued they are. There are so many opportunities to show your employees how appreciative you are of their hard work.

Employee Incentive Gifts

Employee Rewards


Celebrating Milestones

Employee Christmas Gifts


Whatever your reason, our luxury corporate hampers and gifts are sure to boost morale.

Elevating Your Virtual Events:

Virtual events provided an important lifeline for businesses during the pandemic. However, they were growing in popularity before this, and are set to stay post-pandemic. For many reasons, including environmental impact, virtual events will continue to grow, and forecasts suggest that 45% of future B2B events will be virtual.   

Our clients have elevated their virtual events by including fully customised, luxury hampers or gift boxes. We’ve been fortunate to help design and create some truly unique gifts intended to enhance the experience of attendees.  Everything from seminars, webinars, culinary events, book launches and sporting celebrations. We’ve had the pleasure of curating unique and representative gift boxes for our clients, which add that extra special touch to an event.  

Executive Gifts:

Executive gifts are an effective way of expressing gratitude toward your senior team members, who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to your business, or acknowledging and commemorating a valuable client relationship. These gifts are typically high-end and luxurious, often featuring premium products that are tailored to the recipient’s preferences. At Heather and Bale, we have created an inspiring range of executive gifts, featuring classic single malt whisky or impressive English sparkling wines, all with perfectly paired treats, of course.

So, whether you are celebrating a milestone, achievement, retirement, or you simply want to show appreciation for their loyalty, our pre-designed, luxury executive gifts are perfectly suited to reflect and celebrate your most important professional relationships.

Corporate Christmas Hampers:

By far the most popular, and equally valuable time to choose your corporate gifting. We know that Christmas brings with it the perfect opportunity to celebrate.  It’s also a great time to show your appreciation to your hard working employees and your loyal customers. Christmas Hampers are well loved, and perfect for that time of the year where people are ready to indulge and celebrate with loved ones.

We recognise that because corporate Christmas hampers are very popular, there is so much choice out there.  So, how do you stand out and leave a lasting impression on your recipients?  It’s all in the quality! Artisan food and drink, created by smaller independent producers, and how these products are enjoyed collectively.  It’s really important and shows the thought that has gone into creating your Luxury Christmas Hamper.  It’s more than just randomly putting products together in a basket.  

Visual presentation is no less important.  It’s the attention to detail that can make all the difference with your recipients.  You don’t want your gift to look in any way “box standard” or generic.  It’s often the finishing touches that help ensure the best first impressions. Here at Heather and Bale, our signature finish re-enforces the premium quality of our luxury hampers and gifts, and this is the same quality we bring to our client’s fully branded, customised finish.

In conclusion, corporate gifting is a valuable way to show your appreciation to both your employees and clients, and to reinforce their connection to your business. Heather and Bale are here to help you with all your corporate gifting needs. Our creative design team custom curate high-quality corporate gifts that are thoughtful, memorable, and convey the right message. So, contact us today and let us help you make a lasting impression on your recipients.

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