Featured Producer: Larkfire

Larkfire Whisky Water: The Perfect Complement to Your Dram

For whisky enthusiasts, the perfect dram is a combination of many things. Including, the type of whisky, the glass, the temperature, and even the water used to dilute it. That’s where Larkfire Whisky Water comes in.

Larkfire is a Scottish brand that offers wild water sourced from the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. A region that is home to 15% of the UK’s freshwater surface area. The water is held on the surface by 3-billion-year-old Lewisian gneiss rock, which is part of the reason for its purity and lack of mineral content. Unlike tap water or highly mineralised bottled water, Larkfire is low in minerals and free from additives, making it the perfect complement to your dram.

Larkfire was founded by two whisky enthusiasts who observed people drinking wild water from streams in Scotland. Co-founder James McIntosh said: ‘Whilst exploring the incredible Scottish landscape, we kept coming across locals drinking wild water straight from the ground.”

Every time you add Larkfire to your whisky, you are helping take care of the unique, wild location of the Isle of Lewis and the people within it. A percentage of Larkfire’s sales goes to The Stornoway Trust. Scotland’s oldest community landlord and stewards of 69,000 acres that include over 1300 crofts.

Where do we feature this producer?

We are delighted to be working with Larkfire. Find their whisky water in our Talisker Whisky & Cheese Gift Set, a perfect gift for the whisky connoisseur. The gift includes a bottle of the famous Talisker 10-year-old single malt Scotch whisky. In addition to two Larkfire Wild Water cans, find a truckle from Arran Cheese and a handmade chilli relish.

So, whether you’re a seasoned whisky drinker or a novice looking to enhance your dram, Larkfire is the perfect choice. With its purity and lack of mineral content, it helps to free the natural flavours of your whisky. Therefore, allowing you to fully enjoy the complexity of your favourite drink.

Order your Talisker Whisky & Cheese Gift Set today and experience the difference that Larkfire Whisky Water can make.

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