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The Northumberland Cheese Co

We have two aims when we create our range of Luxury Gift Hampers.  First is to use only the highest quality artisan food & drink and the second is to work with our local independent producers to find that quality. 

The Northumberland Cheese Co delivers on both.  We can’t get enough of these amazing local cheeses.  We know that they are a firm favourite amongst our lovely customers and they’re enjoyed especially alongside a host of complementing products found within our Luxury.

Where it all began

So, where did it all begin for the Northumberland Cheese Co?  Well it began in the Rede Valley in 1984 when the founder Mark Robertson of Soppit Farm in Elsdon embarked on making his first farmhouse cheese. Mark had a small flock of sheep from which he created his first cheese.  This was the Redesdale. It was such a success among locals that the range quickly began to expand to include high quality milk cheeses from both cows and goats. Then over the year’s, the recognition grew and the accolades began to pour in.  They received both National and International recognition.

In 1996 they moved into a renovated 19th Century granary building on the popular Blagdon Farm Estates in South Northumberland.  With this move, a change in branding happened and this is when they became known as The Northumberland Cheese Co.  This provided them the scope to expand and produce more of their renowned cheeses. Here they have mastered the craftmanship of traditional cheese making and combined them with modern day practices.  As a result, we now get to enjoy luxury artisan cheeses with a range of different milks and flavours.  This move also created a space where their customers can join them. Experience how they produce their cheese and also to eat and enjoy relaxing in their Cheese Loft café.  

Today there are around 30 employees working throughout the company.  Mark Robertson has now retired, but he remains close to the dairy where they continue hand making their farmhouse cheeses.  

The Northumberland Cheese Co Philosophy

Their philosophy is simple and originates from Mark Robertson.  Start with the best ingredients in the field.  Blend them by hand to the highest standards in cheese-making and use our expertise to experiment with flavours and maturation conditions until we have created the perfect cheese wedge.  Every mouthful of their delicious cheese can be traced back to the milk of a single herd on a single farm. 

 Where do we feature this producer?

You’ll find the Northumberland Cheese throughout our range of Luxury Northumbrian Gift Hampers.  Our favourites are the Cheviot and the Nettle cheese.  We feature this locally produced cheese with food & drink which enhances their quality and taste. Whether you prefer your cheese with fine wine or local craft ales, we have taken great pride in creating options for all our cheese lovers. 

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