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As we launch our new brand identity, we thought we would share with you the journey of how we arrived at Heather and Bale. 

During 2019 we began discussing and debating our brand as Made Simply Perfect Hampers.  We are extremely proud of the Made Simply Perfect brand. The reputation we gained for our creativity, our products and of course our service.  But this business was combining two different offerings.  Wedding Event Styling and Luxury Gift Hampers.  With Made Simply Perfect being such a recognisable brand for award winning wedding services we knew that it was time for our Luxury Hampers to have a new brand identity of its own. Leading to us separating these two supportive, sister companies.  

So, then the task of coming up with a new brand identity.  Where to start…

It was no easy task to come up with a name that we felt suited our luxury hampers, our premium service, but most of all reflected Northumberland in a way that our products do.   It took a lot of time and patience and then one evening as I had just about given up my husband shouted to me from another room. He asked if I had heard of the Northumberland poem Heather-land & Bent-land.  A poem that was written by the Hexham’s People’s Poet, Wilfred Wilson Gibson (1878-1962).  When I read it, I knew it would inspire our new brand and the name we chose.

So, the name we decided on captures both the beauty of Northumberland represented by the ‘Heather’ on the moors and the nature of our business the in the verb ‘Bale’ which means to package. So from there we created ‘Heather and Bale’, inspired by the Peoples Poet.  

We then created a brand identity which we fell in love.  Whilst we were spoilt for choice because there were a number of high-quality brands to choose from, it was unanimous. The excitement kicked in as we realised… we had our brand.  

Now the task of the new website.  Luckily, we left that in the capable hands of Hilton Media 😉

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